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What You Need to Know About Germs

Tallmadge High School   140 N. Munroe Rd., (Door #25, THS Wrestling Room)  Tallmadge, OH 44278

TYW Head Coach:  Dan Amato

Phone: (330) 352-8958

Email: damator3k@gmail.com

TMS Head Coach:  Dave Blankenship

Phone: (330) 633-3226

Email: tallmadgewrestling.com

THS Trainer:  Jennifer Smith

Phone: (330) 606-7258

Email: smithjenn@summahealth.org

What You Need to Know About Injuries

What You Need to Know About Weight

What You Need to Know About Skin




THS Head Coach:  Jason Shaw

Phone: (330) 962-9259

Email: jshaw@coventryschools.org


First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to the Tallmadge Wrestling Program!

With that being said, we have provided this page to assist Parents & Wrestlers, regarding "What You Need to Know", when it comes to the physical health of our wrestlers and the Tallmadge Wrestling Room.  Even thou we mop everyday and only allow clean wrestling shoes on the mats, we still need good hygiene and self maintenance from each wrestler in order to control and maintain a healthy & clean wrestling room.  Please do not leave any trash, clothes or equipment in the wrestling room. We cannot keep any clothes beyond 5 days, Tallmadge High School Policy.  In addition, we have listed some helpful links below,  that we ask everyone to read..


Lastly, if your son is ever unable to practice due to illness, injury, doctor's appointment or family engagement, please let the appropriate coach know, for your son's level.  All contact information is listed for each level on our site and at the bottom of this page.  In addition, we are fortunate for the High School & Middle School student/athletes to have a trainer and her name is Jen Smith.  Jen works in conjunction with Summa Sports Medicine, to get the student/athlete back on the mat as quickly as possible.  If an injury should occur and the student/athlete is under treatment through the school, they must be released in order to resume full activity.  If the athlete has gone to their own physician, a release will also be needed, in order for the student/athlete to resume full activity.  If your son is under treatment for an injury or illness and you have a question, please feel free to contact Jen. 


What You Need to Know About Illness