Why Wrestle?

The days of coming off the football or any other field and going directly into a weight room, is a thing of the past.  Athletes of today, must find ways to not only increase size & strength, but improve their overall mental aptitude and physical athleticism, if you hope to reach the next level. Wrestling is the best off season training program any athlete can do.

Wrestling is perhaps the purest form of athletic competition that exist in the realm of organized sports today.  There are no bats or balls, pads or helmets, no teammates to point a finger at if one looses a match.  There's no time to rethink strategy, regroup, or even catch your breath.  When the referee says "wrestle" everything fades from your mind.  Nothing exists beyond four corners of the mat.  It's just you and your opponent out there, alone, locked in a battle to see who wins.  Your whole being becomes immersed in this struggle: your strength, your desire and your will to win all work together in your attempt to emerge the victor.

Wrestling is a very intense, highly competitive sport.  It teaches the athlete to pull from within themselves great power and strength, it forces the truly competitive wrestler to push themselves both mentally and physically beyond what they once thought possible.

Of all the sports, wrestling is perhaps the best sport for overall physical development because it involves all the muscle groups, and requires the greatest balance of athletic skill.  During training a wrestler works on constantly improving their strength, flexibility, stamina, speed and technique.

Wrestlers learn the value of preparation and hard work, and the role it plays in achieving one's life goals.  What wrestlers learn on the mat can be transferred to real life experiences.  Wrestlers are self reliant, they are mentally and physically fit, they have great work ethic, they are self disciplined. competitive and responsible.  Wrestlers are also goal oriented and very confident.

What do you have to lose or maybe we should look at it differently.  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GAIN.........EVERYTHING!